Aloha Bounce takes the safety of children seriously.  Here we have outlined our commitments to you, and provided important safety guidelines to follow during your event.

Aloha Bounce’s trained team will:Toy Story Moonwalker Bounce House in San Diego

  Properly inflate, install, inspect and secure each jump.

  Provide verbal safety and operating guidelines.

   Provide written safety guidelines online (below).

   Answer any and all questions pertaining to safety.

   Avoid set-up under threat of rain, snow or high winds.

Renter Responsibilities & Safety GuidelinesSafety is important when it comes to bounce house rentals.

To minimize the risk of potential injury, the following guidelines must be followed:

   Maintain close supervision of children while in or around a bounce house, slide or other inflatable device.

   Limit the number of children allowed inside a bounce house or on the slide at one time. Depending on their age and size, 7-9 children would be reasonable.

   Group children of similar size and age together. Older children must not jump with younger children.

   Immediately discontinue use during rain, snow or high winds.

   Obey written and verbal safety rules at all times.

   Use common sense, trust your instincts and err on the side of caution.

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