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Location & Logistics Info

Q.  How many kids are recommended per bounce house?

A.  Depending on the size, age and rowdiness of the kids in question, 7-9 children typically enjoy jumping at once.  Consider two or more bounce houses for large gatherings or events.

Q.  Where can a bounce house or combo with slide be set-up?

A.  Your rental can be placed in a large, flat outdoor area at least 20′ x 20′ wide.  This may be a back yard, park or other common area where you have permission to hold your party. 

Power is necessary to inflate the jumpers and slides, so keep this in mind as you select your location.  If a generator is needed, an additional $35 generator rental is required.

Q.  Who sets-up and takes down my bounce house rental?

A.   Aloha Bounce’s professional, family-oriented staff will set-up and take down your rental. 

Q.  How do I know my rental will be clean and safe?

A.  When you rent from Aloha Bounce, you can rest assured each rental is inspected and cleaned by our experienced team.  Safety guidelines are provided for your peace of mind on this website, and available in printed form upon request. 

As the Party Host or Hostess, you are responsible for appropriate supervision and adherence to common sense safety practices.

Q.  What if it rains on the day of my party?

A.  Jumps may become dangerous when wet, and therefore cannot be delivered if rain is likely.  There is no charge for rentals which are cancelled due to weather, and we will gladly reschedule for a future date. 

Q.  Can Aloha Bounce come to my large event?

A.  Yes.  In addition to family parties, Aloha Bounce is available for events of all sizes including: fundraisers, conventions, award ceremonies, corporate events, casual company gatherings, fairs, carnivals, reunions, sporting events, school events and more. 

Ask about our discount for multi-day events.

Payment Questions

Q.  What is included with my rental and how much will it cost?Curious whether there will be a bounce house at the kids party

A.  Select a Regular Jumper (with or without slide), Castle Combo with Super Slide or Princess Club Castle.  You can then determine the daily rental amount, listed on our pricing page.

Included:  Delivery within San Diego county, professional set-up and inspection, safety guidelines, professional removal, rental cleaning after typical use and a full day of play.

Not Included:   Delivery outside San Diego county, off-site power (generator rental $35), or extreme cleaning.  Contact us with any specific concerns for details. 

Q.  How long is the rental period?

A.  Your rental period is the length of your party, ending at dusk.*  In most cases, jumps are delivered 1-2 hours prior to your party and removed directly afterward. 

Aloha Bounce is self-sufficient and dependable, allowing you freedom to focus elsewhere on the day of your event.   Trained professionals take care of delivery, set-up, take-down and removal.   

*Should your party last into the night, you may wish to consider a discounted 2-day rental.

Q.  What payment methods do you accept?

A.  We accept payment by cash or check.

Q.  Are there any hidden costs or fees?

A.  No.  The daily rental charge is comprehensive in most circumstances.  You will not be surprised by hidden fees, as any additional charges that may occur are disclosed.  For example, if no power source is available at your location, a $35 generator rental may apply.  A reasonable delivery fee may be incurred for locations outside San Diego County.  In very rare instances, an “extreme cleaning” fee may be collected. 

Q.  Do you offer any discounts?

A.  Yes.  Aloha Bounce offers discounts for active duty military, preschools, churches and multi-day events.


Still have questions?  Contact Aloha Bounce directly for friendly and professional assistance.

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